Video Transcript

Maine Bound uses the outdoors, challenge and adventure to get students outside and use that as a catalyst for growth and change in their lives.
We develop student leaders, we build confidence, we develop skills that are not traditionally taught in the classroom that really allow people to become better leaders in their future as well as better leaders on our campus.
Maine Bound creates a special community through the challenge, through the camaraderie that is involved with going on our trips, with coming into the climbing gym and cheering people on. I think that it builds really strong friendships and we’ve seen that proven time and time again.

It’s kind of like my home, I guess. Like I probably spend more time here willingly than anywhere else.

There are a lot of people here that can teach you how to start doing things on your own, going canoeing and kayaking, and for me it was rock climbing, because I had experience with ropes and stuff but I didn’t, like, I didn’t have the confidence yet to start climbing outside.

Well my first experience with Maine Bound was when I was a freshman and I went on a trip called OPTIONS, and you just spend the week camping and getting to know different freshmen and people that work with Maine Bound.

OPTIONS is our outdoor orientation program. We have expeditions as well as a shorter adventure and it’s an experience where people come together and go out on either a five day trip or a three day trip, going out into the wilderness and climbing, backpacking, hiking, rafting, etc.

I think it really teaches them skills that they’re not going to learn within a college classroom setting, it gives them a chance to get out and learn new activities that they have never been able to do before.

Maine Bound, to me, is a family. The outdoor setting and the outdoor community in general is a family, working here has just grown that for me and it’s a place that I can escape to with people that are very like-minded and that just take you out of, maybe, the stress you’re in from school and they bring you into just a better atmosphere,