Black Bear Bound FAQs

Will I be able to move into my residence hall early?

The North Woods Adventure will move in on the morning we leave for our trip. 

Where can I stay if I come into town even earlier than that?

You and your family can stay at a hotel in the Orono/Old Town/Bangor area.

Where do I meet for my trip?

For the Expeditions, please meet at the Maine Bound Adventure Center. For North Woods Adventure please meet in the parking lot of the New Balance Student Recreation Center after you are done moving into your residence hall. 

Can I charge the trip to my student account?

No. Unfortunately, we cannot charge your student account since you have not officially started at the University.

When do I get to request my activity for the Adventures?

An informational email will be sent out to you in mid-summer.  Included in that email is the google form to request your activity preferences.

Will I miss out on regular orientation?

No. All of our programs return to campus in time to join the rest of the students for regular Maine Hello activities.

Do I need to have previous experience?

Our trips are designed for anyone from the complete novice to the experienced veteran. If you are very capable in a particular skill area, such as whitewater kayaking, we recommend you try something new like rock climbing. All of our programs will cover the fundamentals of backcountry ethics and travel, as well as the dynamics of working with a new group of people. Therefore everyone, regardless of experience, stands to learn and grow throughout the week.

How do I know if I’m physically capable of doing a trip?

The reality is that every trip will require some physical effort on your part. Some trips are physically more challenging than others. Though all trips are open to beginners.

Maine Bound can accommodate different abilities on some trips. Please contact us with concerns and we’ll help you find the best expedition for you. 

How “out there” will we be during the trip?

Our Black Bear Bound program is designed to take you and your group away from the distractions of civilization and place you in the serene environment that is the Maine Wilderness.  Some trips, by nature of the route or activity, will intersect with busier areas. For the most part, however, you can expect to be out of contact and “out there” for the duration of your program.  That does mean limited or in most cases, no cell phone service.

Do I need to buy any expensive equipment?

Absolutely not! Any technical pieces of equipment such as boats, paddles, harnesses, or helmets will be provided by Maine Bound along with all group camping and cooking gear. You are only expected to bring personal gear such as clothing, a sleeping bag and pad, a headlamp/flashlight, eating utensils and bowl, and something to carry your gear in. Once you sign up for a specific program, you will receive detailed information about what you need to provide for yourself. In most cases, these items can be rented from Maine Bound or purchased for very little money. Maine Bound has a limited selection of clothing and gear available for participants to use.

Can my roommate and I go on a trip together?

Sure you can, and what a great way to start off the year! We strongly encourage you to find a trip that you and your roommate are both interested in. Just be sure you sign up quickly, as spaces for these programs go fast!

Are the programs safe?

Maine Bound expedition instructors are all certified in CPR and Wilderness First Responder. They also have Maine Educational Trip Leader Permits granted by Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, which allows them to lead trips in the state of Maine. Many instructors have additional certifications specific to their skill areas of expertise.

Maine Bound Instructors attend many staff trainings that cover everything from technical skill development, team building, risk management & judgment, group management, to diversity and inclusion.

What if I need to cancel?

If you cancel more than 10 days before the trip is scheduled to leave, you get a full refund… but after that point, there is no refund at all since we have already begun to purchase supplies, etc. and we won’t have enough time to fill your spot.

Call (207) 581-1794 for more information or to register! Registration opens May 8th, 2023.