Nature Links for Lifelong Learning

Logo two stick figures jumping for joy above mountains; reads "Nature Links For Lifelong Learning"Young adults with intellectual disabilities in the Blue Hill Peninsula area now have the opportunity to participate in a nature-based post-secondary education thanks to the hard work and dedication of Gregory Bush, Ph.D. founder of Nature Links for Lifelong Learning. Working with the local community and state providers, Dr. Bush builds a community of learning for young adults ages 18-35 with intellectual disabilities, including autism, who often find it challenging to find post-secondary learning opportunities. Overall, the program aims to support students in “creating individualized pathways to volunteer and job opportunities.”

Nature Links curriculum is headed by lead teacher, Madeline Johnson, who is joined by Culinary Arts educator Stacey Stolman.  Their innovative program links fields such as the culinary arts, gardening, and environmental studies with job readiness and communication skill-building while fostering social connections among students and their community and building independent living skills. While COVID has created challenges to in-person studies, learning has continued this year online and through some limited socially distanced activities using pandemic safety protocols. Classes are offered on a seasonal basis, and enrollment is ongoing at Nature Links. To learn more about this unique educational program, visit the Nature Links website, call 305-926-5001 or email: