Sesame Street’s “See Amazing in all Children” Initiative

Text: See AmazingSesame Street welcomed a new Muppet to their neighborhood last year as part of their “See Amazing in all Children” initiative. Julia, a four-year-old muppet with autism, “is a natural extension to Sesame Street’s long-standing message that we are all different but the same.”

In addition to the role Julia will play on the show, the initiative includes a website developed to educate communities, increase acceptance, and reduce the isolation and stigma experienced by children and families impacted by autism. A “Provider Guide to Offering Autism Friendly Events” offers tips to childcare providers, families, and communities to creating a welcoming space and hosting autism-friendly events.

Free online resources include Julia’s storybook, videos for both adults and for children on myriad of topics, and daily routine cards for using with your child with ASD. This includes tips and suggestions for supporting siblings and talking with peers about autism, information on preparing your child with autism for outings, and suggestions on how to take care of yourself and stay connected with others. Resources are available in both English and Spanish. Be sure to check out this great new resource by visiting the Sesame Street “See Amazing in All Children” webpages.