Rationale: Your child can learn the importance of directing his communication toward you by making sure you position your face close to your child’s face. In time he will learn to direct his eyes, voice and gestures toward you. This will also help him understand activities as a social experience.

Remember to:

  • Face your child at eye level so he can see your eyes, facial expressions, mouth, and gestures.
  • Place the toy or object of play between you and your child
  • Make reading a social activity by sitting in front of him, pointing to the pictures, and using sound effects and words to engage him in the activity.

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Communication Temptations



I know I am fostering communication when:

  • I position myself face-to-face and at eye level with my child to promote her attention
  • I am my child’s communication partner in social and play activities
  • I am doing less for or to my child, and more with my child

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The content of these pages are adapted from: An early start for your child with Autism: Using everyday activities to help kids connect, communicate and learn. Rogers, S.J., Dawson, G., Vismara, L.A. (2012). New York: Guilford Press.