Principal Investigator

Dr Danielle Levesque

Danielle was recently interviewed for the Journal of Experimental Biology, you can read all about it here.

Graduate Students

Eric Brown (PhD, 2022- Present)

Ana Breit (PhD, 2018 – Present)-“Comparative physiology and the evolution of thermolability in mammals”

Check out Ana’s trip to the van Breukelen lab at the University of Nevada Las Vegas!

Undergraduate Students


Undergraduate Research Technicians

 Stephanie Ross (2019- 2020)

Lab Alumni

Graduate Students

Elise Gudde (MSc, 2019-2022)- “Thermoregulation and energetics of the Northern Flying Squirrel” You can read more about Elise’s research here.


Jake Gutkes (MSc, 2017- 2019)- “Modeling thermoregulation Peromyscus”

Vanessa Hensley (MSc, 2016-2018)-“Living on the edge: thermophysiology of the southern flying squirrel at its northern range margin

Teumbo Ngunte (MSc, 2016-2018)- “Assessing the upper critical limit of the thermoneutral zone in laboratory mice”

Undergraduate Students

Colin Flynn (Honors Thesis, 2021)- “Heat Tolerance and Thermography of Flying Squirrels”

Marissa Edwards (Honors Thesis, 2021)- “Thermoregulation and Heat Tolerance in Maine Small Mammals”. You can read more about Marissa’s research here.

Caleigh Charlebois (Honors Thesis, Spring 2021) “Forward Genomics of a Complex Trait: Mammalian Basal Metabolic Rate”

Sara Griffin (Honors Thesis, Spring 2021) “Predicting Range Shifts for the Virginia Opossum Based on Climate Change”

Jessica Beneski (CUGR Undergraduate Research Fellow, Fall 2019-Spring 2020)- “A Comparative and Genomic Analysis of Mammalian Bladder Phenotypes”

Molly Bennett (Honors Thesis, Spring 2019)- “Ranges of Peromyscus in Maine: Disease Potential and a Model for the Future”

Emily Gagne (Honors Thesis, Spring 2019)- “Uncoupling Protein 1 in Bornean Treeshrews”

Tal Kleinhause (Honors Thesis, Fall 2018) – “Fire and Blood: Behavior and Thermoregulation in Small Nocturnal Mammals”






Edward Medeiros (Capstone, Spring 2018)- “Skull morphology trends in Maine rodents across mid-Nineteenth Century specimens”

Tashawna Spellen (Capstone, Fall 2017- Spring 2018)-“The possibility of hybridization in Maine flying squirrels”

Jahzmin Walker (Capstone,Fall 2017- Spring 2018)- “Strongyloides robustus and its influence on northern and southern flying squirrels”

Kelsey Rose (Capstone, Fall 2017)- “Variability of canines in carnivorous Canidae dentition”

Jake Gutkes (Capstone, Fall 2017)- “Thermal windows in tenrecs”

Kaylei Bergeron (Capstone, Fall 2016) – “The effects of weather and temperature on eastern gray squirrels”

Helen Churchill (Capstone, Fall 2016) – “Home range analysis through radio tracking American gray squirrels in University of Maine forest”

Michelle Bassis

Zachary Hamel

Caroline Spangenberg