Sporer uses Twitter to research criminological behavior online

Not all research takes place in a lab with petri dishes and microscopes … Karyn Sporer uses Twitter to investigate criminological theory In the modern era of social media, more than 300 million people use Twitter to share news and engage in online conversations. This provides a glimpse into the minds of a diverse public […]

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maine NEW Leadership students

Maine NEW Leadership Program empowers young women

At the beginning of June, the Margaret Chase Smith Policy Center held its annual six-day residential undergraduate student leadership training program, entitled Maine NEW (National Education for Women) Leadership. Young women from schools all across Maine meet at this conference to learn about, and address, the under-representation of women in politics. By gathering this group […]

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Research on Successful Aging by Sociology, Psychology, and Nursing Professors published

Kelley Strout, Nursing; Fayezma Ahmed, Psychology; and Karyn Sporer, Sociology; all collaborated on an article entitled “What are older adults wellness priorities? Qualitative analysis of priorities within multiple domains of wellness”. Their research aims to “develop an understanding of older adults’ wellness priorities” by taking “a random sample of 128 male and female US residents age […]

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Dr. Micah Pawling wins 2018 Canadian Historical Association’s prize for the best journal article

Dr. Micah Pawling, Assistant Professor of History and Native American Studies, recently won the 2018 Canadian Historical Association’s prize for the best journal article in Indigenous History in 2017 for his work, “Wəlastəkwey (Maliseet) Homeland: Waterscapes and Continuity within the Lower St. John River Valley, 1784-1900,” Acadiensis, vol. XLVI, no. 2 (Summer/Autumn 2017): 5-34. One member of […]

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Dr. Richard Corey, 2018 Northeast Region Supervisor of the Year Nominee

Dr. Richard Corey, the Director of Operations at the Virtual Environmental and Multimodal Interaction (VEMI) Lab, was nominated for the 2018 Northeast Region Supervisor of the Year. The award is given by the North East Association of Student Employment Administrators (NEASEA) and aims to recognize a supervisor who has demonstrated an outstanding ability to “integrate […]

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CMJ students performing Performing ME, Performing us

CMJ students, “Performing ME, Performing Us” starts a conversation

Communication and Journalism students put on a show this past week entitled “Performing ME, Performing us” as a part of their Narrative, Performance, and Social Change course. Students spoke with immigrants and collected stories, many of them who were in attendance on the night of the performance. Telling and re-telling these immigrant stories, they felt, was […]

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Prof. Emeritus Jerome Nadelhaft publishes book

Professor Emeritus Jerome Nadelhaft, history, has recently self-published a book entitled “O Lord, how long?” This is part of his series, Wife Torture in American History. Nadelhaft says in his preface, “Most men were incapable of committing the barbarities they read about in their daily newspapers, but they were content to allow others to punch, to kick […]

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Center for Undergraduate Research Summer Fellowship CLAS Winners

The Center for Undergraduate Research (CUGR) awarded their annual Summer Fellowship grants recently, with four College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) students out of 17 total awardees receiving this honor. Each student is given $3,000 to further their research in the coming months. The winners are: Gwyneth Roberts, a mathematics major working with advisor […]

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