Current Issue

Volume 40, Number 1, Winter 2019

The Fallacy of the Impaired Brain in Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Continues: A Critical Review of Recent Neuroimaging Studies
J. Carmelo Visdómine–Lozano, Instituciones Penitenciarias, Ministerio del Interior, Spain

What is Scientific Definition?
Fiona J. Hibberd, University of Sydney

Transgenerational Trauma: The Role of Epigenetics
Stanley Krippner, Saybrook University, and Deirdre Barrett, Harvard University Medical School

A Note on Active Panpsychism
Eric Lindell, New York City, New York

Critical Notices

Semiotics and Phenomenality
Richard Kenneth Atkins, Boston College

A Portrait of a Scientist as a Young Mind
Gigi Foster, University of New South Wales