Volume 33, Numbers 3 and 4, Summer and Autumn

Computers, Persons, and the Chinese Room. Part 2: The Man Who Understood

A Theory of Hemispheric Specialization Based on Cortical Columns

Dreaming: Physiological Sources, Biological Functions, Psychological Implications

Counterfactuals, Belief, and Inquiry by Thought Experiment

Déjà Vu Explained? A Qualitative Perspective

The Equilibration of the Self and the Sense of Sublation: Spirituality in Thought, Music, and Meditation

Book Review

The Spiritual Gift of Madness: The Failure of Psychiatry and the Rise of the Mad Pride Movement
Book Author: Seth Farber
Reviewed by Richard Gosden

Volume 33, Numbers 1 and 2, Winter and Spring

Toward an Existential and Transpersonal Understanding of Christianity: Commonalities Between Phenomenologies of Consciousness, Psychologies of Mysticism, and Early Gospel Accounts, and Their Significance for the Nature of Religion

Computers, Persons, and the Chinese Room. Part 1: The Human Computer

An Evolutionary Perspective on Happiness and Mental Health

Meditation on a Mousetrap: On Consciousness and Cognition, Evolution, and Time

Teleology and the Meaning of Life

Consistent Nihilism

Book Review

Islam and Science: The Intellectual Career of Nizam al-Din al-Nisaburi
Book Author: Robert G. Morrison
Reviewed by John Walbridge, Indiana University