Volume 27, Number 1, Winter

Intrinsic Awareness in Sartre
Frederick B. Mills, Bowie State University

Human Consciousness: A Revised View of Awareness and Attention
Martin L. Lonky, The Trylon Corporation

The Only Objective Evidence for Consciousness
Fred Kuttner and Bruce Rosenblum, University of California, Santa Cruz

Content Individuation in Marr’s Theory of Vision
Basileios Kroustallis, Hellenic Open University

Genetic Relatedness and the Lifetime Risk for Being Diagnosed with Schizophrenia: Gottesman’s 1991 Figure 10 Reconsidered
Jay Joseph, La Familia Counseling Service and Jonathan Leo, Lincoln Memorial University


Volume 27, Number 2, Spring

Association Mechanisms and the Intentionality of the Mental
Mark Stephen Pestana, Grand Valley State University

On the Temporal Continuity of Human Consciousness: Is James’s Firsthand Description, After All, “Inept”?
Thomas Natsoulas, University of California, Davis

The Structure of Scientific Knowledge and a Fractal Model of Thought
Jean-Pierre Courtial, Université de Nantes and Rafael Bailón-Moreno, Universidad de Granada

Kuttner and Rosenblum Failed to “Objectify” ConsciousnessLarry Vandervert, American Nonlinear Systems

A Response to Vandervert’s Critique
Fred Kuttner and Bruce Rosenblum, University of California, Santa Cruz


Volume 27, Numbers 3 and 4, Summer and Autumn

The Case for Intrinsic Theory: XII. Inner Awareness Conceived of as a Modal Character of Conscious Experiences

Of Bits and Logic: Cortical Columns in Learning and Memory

The Frontal Feedback Model of the Evolution of the Human Mind: Part 1, The “Pre”-human Brain and the Perception–Action Cycle

The Practical Dangers of Middle-Level Theorizing in Personality Research 

Body Image in Neurology and Psychoanalysis: History and New Developments 

The Case for Intrinsic Theory: XIII. The Role of the Qualitative in a Modal Account of Inner Awareness

Book Reviews

Topologies of the Flesh: A Multidimensional Exploration of the Lifeworld
Book Author:

Breaking the Spell: Religion as a Natural Phenomenon.
Book Author:

Female Infidelity and Paternal Uncertainty: Evolutionary Perspectives on Male Anti-Cuckoldry Tactics

Reviewed by Francis T. McAndrew, Knox College