Volume 6, Numbers 1 and 2, Winter and Spring (Special Issue)

The Sexual Body: An Interdisciplinary Perspective

Chapter One. Introduction: The Perspective of the Sexual Body

Chapter Two. Psychoanalysis as the Key Discipline

Chapter Three. Analogues of Original Sin: The Postulate of Innate Destructive Aggression

Chapter Four. The Reichian Tradition: A View of the Sexual Body

Chapter Five. Challenges to Psychoanalytic Theory: Recent Developments

Chapter Six. Reinventing the Asexual Infant: On the Recent “Explosion” in Infant Research

Chapter Seven. The Adult Sexual Body: A Missing Theory

Chapter Eight. The Sexual Body, Pschoanalysis and Science: Bowlby, Peterfreund, and Kohut

Chapter Nine. Lichtenstein, Holland, and Lacan: Ambivalence Toward the Sexual Body, Cooptation, and Defiance

Chapter Ten. World Hypotheses and Interdisciplinary Sciences in Intimate Relation

Volume 6, Number 3, Summer

The Ethical Ramifications of Mediation Theory

Logical Behaviorism and the Simulation of Mental Episodes

An Introduction to the Perceptual Kind of Conception of Direct (Reflective) Consciousness

The Fallacious Origin of the Mind-Body Problem: A Reconsideration of Descartes’ Method and Results

Consciousness, Naturalism, and Nagel

The Transpersonal Psychology of Patanjali’s Yoga-Sutra (BookI: Samadhi): A Translation and Interpretation

The Effects of Oppositional Meaning in Incidental Learning: An Empirical Demonstration of the Dialectic

Book Reviews

Reagan’s America
Lloyd deMause
Reviewed by William F. Stone,
 University of Maine at Orono

The Moebius Seed: A Visionary Novel of Planetary Transformation
Steven M. Rosen
Reviewed by Steven Connelly,
 Indiana State University

The Nightmare: The Psychology and Biology of Terrifying Dreams
rnest Hartmann
Reviewed by Matthew C. Brennan,
 Indiana State University

A Tool for Understanding Human Differences
Tyra Arraj and Jim Arraj
Reviewed by Victor H. Jones,
 Indiana State University

Freud’s Rules of Dream Interpretation
Alexander Grinstein
Reviewed by Gordon Patterson,
 Florida Institute of Technology


Volume 6, Number 4, Autumn

Retarded Development: The Evolutionary Mechanism Underlying the Emergence of the Human Capacity for Language

Awareness I: The Natural Ecology of Subjective Experience And the Mind-Brain Problem Revisited

Preserved and Impaired Information Processing Systems in Human Bitemporal Amnesiacs and their Infrahuman Analogues: Role of Hippocampectomy

A Critique of Three Conceptions of Mental Illness

The Subjective Character of Experience

Human LearningThomas H. Leahey and Richard J. Harris
Reviewed by Stanley S. Pliskoff, University of Maine at Orono

Book Reviews

Great Hatred, Little Room: The Irish Historical Novel
James M. Cahalan
Reviewed by Stephen E. Connelly,
 Indiana State University

Child Custody Evaluations: A Practical Guide
Diane Skafte
Reviewed by Valarie A. Bailey,
 Child Protective Services, Vigo County, Indiana

Marital Myths
Arnold A. Lazarus
Reviewed by Eoin St. John,
 Physical Therapy Systems

AIDS: The Mystery and the Solution
Alan Cantwell, Jr., M.D.
Reviewed by Raymond C. Russ,
 University of Maine at Orono