Volume 5, Number 1, Winter

Desires Don’t Cause Actions

Natural Science and Human Science Approaches to the Study of Human Freedom

Empirical Structures of Mind: Cognition, Linguistics, and Transformation

The Pleasures of Thought: A Theory of Cognitive Hedonics

Lucid Dreaming: A Review and Experimental Study of Waking Intrusions During Stage REM Sleep

A Critical Look at Castaneda’s Critics

Book Reviews

A Colder Eye: The Modern Irish Writers
Book Author: Hugh Kenner
Reviewed by Steven E. Connelly,
 Indiana State University

The Securlarization of the Soul: Psychical Research in Modern Britain
Book Author: J. Cerullo
Reviewed by Terence M. Hines,
 Pace University

Taking Laughter Seriously
Book Author: John Morreall
Reviewed by Karl Pfeifer,
 University of Alberta


Volume 5, Number 2, Spring

The Principle of Parsimony and Some Applications in Pyschology

Affection as a Cognitive Judgmental Process: A Theoretical Assumption Put to Test Through Brain-Lateralization Methodology

A Psycho-Neuro-Endocrine Framework for Depression: A Clinically Eclectic Approach

A Biofunctional Model of Distributed Mental Content, Mental Structures, Awareness, and Attention

The Double Bind and Koan Zen

Occultism is not Science: A Reply to Kootte

Book Reviews

The Evolving Self: Problem and Process in Human Development
Book Author: Robert Kegan
Reviewed by Victor H. Jones,
 Indiana State University

Children of War
Book Author: Roger Rosenblatt

Reviewed by Mark Senak,
 The Institute of Mind and Behavior

Ethnicity and American Social Theory: Toward Critical Pluralism
Book Author: Gerard A. Postiglione
Reviewed by Werner D. von der Ohe,
 University of Munich

Kurt Koffka: An Unwitting Self-Portrait
Book Author: Molly Harrower
Reviewed by William F. Stone,
 University of Maine at Orono

Aftermath: A soldier’s Return From Vietnam
Book Author: Frederick Downs, Jr. 
Reviewed by Steven E. Connelly,
 Indiana State University

Freud As A Writer
Book Author: Patrick Mahony
Reviewed by Steven E. Connelly,
 Indiana State university


Volume 5, Number 3, Summer

The Classification of Psychology among the Sciences from Francis Bacon to Boniface Kedrov

What is a Perceptual Mistake? 

Affect: A Functional Perspective

The Subjective Organization of Personal Consciousness: A Concept of Conscious Personality

The Effects of Sensation Seeking and Misattribution of Arousal on Dyadic Interactions Between Similar or Dissimilar Strangers

Fatalism as an Animistic Atrribution Process

Book Reviews

Law, Psychiatry, and Morality
Book Author: Alan A. Stone

Reviewed by Thomas S. Szasz,
 Upstate Medial Center, SUNY

Psychiatry for Medical Students
Book Author: Robert J. Waldinger
Reviewed by Allen B. Barbour,
Stanford University School of Medicine

Psychophysical Method Exercises
Book Author: Robert Masters
Reviewed by Anton F. Kootte,
University of North Florida

Denishawn: The Enduring Influence
Book Author: Jane Sherman
Reviewed by Steven E. Connelly,
Indiana State University

Heinrich Heine als politischer Dichter [Heinrich Heine as Political Poet]
Book Author: Walter Grab
Reviewed by Gordon Patterson,
 Florida Institute of Technology

The Language Lottery: Towards a Biography of Grammars
Book Author: David Lightfoot
Reviewed by Gordon Patterson,
 Florida Institute of Technology


Volume 5, Number 4, Autumn

Logical Learning Theory: Kuhnian Anomaly or Medievalism Revisited? 

Mental Activity and Physical Reality

Unity and Multiplicity in Hypnosis, Commissurotomy, and Multiple Personality Disorder

A Comparision of Three Ways of Knowing: Categorical, Structural, and Affirmative

Two Alternative Epistemological Frameworks in Psychology: The Typological and Variational Modes of Thinking

Background and Change in B.F. Skinner’s Metatheory From 1930 to 1938

A Critical Look at “A Critical Look”: Castaneda Recrudescent

Logic Is Not Occultism

Playful Perception: Choosing How to Experience Your World, by Herbert L. Leff

Book Reviews

Principles of Psychological Research
Book Author: Joel L. Gold
Reviewed by Paul Schaffner,
Bowdoin College

A Jungian Approach to Literature
Book Author: Bettina L. Knapp

Reviewed by Victor H. Jones,
Indiana State University