Volume 4, Number 1, Winter

Hypothetical Constructs, Circular Reasoning, and Criteria

Concepts of Consciousness

Towards a Reinterpretation of Consciousness: A Study in Humanistic Psychological Theory in the Perspective of Oriental Mystic Thought

The Relativity of Psychological Phenomena

Operationism and Ideology: Reply to Kendler

Operationism: A Recipe for Reducing Confusion and Ambiguity

Operationism and the Source of Meaning in Bridging the Theory/Method Bifurcation

Book Reviews

The Sex Contract: The Evolution of Human Behavior
Helen E. Fisher
Reviewed by Steven E. Connelly, Ph.D.,
Indiana State University

Holiday of Darkness. A Psychologist’s Personal Journey Out of His Depression
Norman S. Endler
Reviewed by Mark S. Senak, J.D.,
 The Institute of Mind and Behavior

The Sinister First Baseman and Other Observations
Eric Walker
Reviewed by Eoin St. John,
 Physical Therapy Systems

John Donne Biathanatos: A Modern-Spelling Edition
Michael Rudick and M. Pabst Battin
Reviewed by Richard C. Frushell, Ph.D.,
 Indiana State University

The Unique Animal
Don D. Davis
Reviewed by Richard C. Frushell, Ph.D.,
 Indiana State University

Volume 4, Number 2, Spring

Deconstructing Psychology’s Subject

Heuristic Model of Synthetic Behavior: Rationale, Validation, and Implications

The Poverty of Paradigmaticism: A Symptom of the Crisis in Sociological Explanation

Social Change Versus Perceived Villainy

Left and Right in Personality and Ideology: An Attempt at Clarification

Benefic Autonomy: Thomas More as Exemplar

Toward a Science of Experience

Retrospective Phenomenological Assessment: Mapping Consciousness in Reference to Specific Stimulus Conditions

Toward Pepitone’s Vision of a Normative Social Psychology: What is a Social Norm? 

Book Reviews

Paddy’s Lament: Ireland 1846-1847, Prelude to Hatred
Thomas Gallagher
Reviewed by Steven E. Connelly, Ph.D.,
Indiana State University

The Mind in Sleep: Psychology and Psychophysiology
A. Arkin, J. Antrobus, and S. Ellman
Reviewed by Terence M. Hines, Ph.D.,
Pace University

The Universe Within: A New Science Explores the Human Mind
Morton Hunt
Reviewed by Eoin St. John,
 Physical Therapy Systems

The Mindful Brain: Cortical Organization and the Group Selective Theory
Gerald M. Edelman and Vernon B. Mountcastle
Reviewed by Anne L. Hess, Ph.D.

Hugh Kenner
Reviewed by Steven E. Connelly, Ph.D.,
Indiana State University

Volume 4, Number 3, Summer

Von Osten’s Horse, Hamlet’s Question, and the Mechanistic View of Causality: Implications for a Post-Crisis Social Psychology

Functionalism and the Definition of Theoretical Terms

The Theory of “Formative Causation” and its Implications for Archetypes, Parallel Inventions, and the “Hundreth Monkey Phenomenon”

Synthesizing the Everyday World

On the Nature of Relationships Involving the Observer and the Observed Phenomenon in Psychology and Physics

Homeopathy and Psychiatry

Book Reviews

Names for Things: A Study of Human Learning
John Macnamara
Reviewed by Michal R. Hughes,
 The Institute of Mind and Behavior

Journey Through the Dark Woods
Wayne Burns

Reviewed by Steven E. Connelly,Indiana State University

Literacy and Social Development in the West: A Reader
Harvey J. Graff
Reviewed by Tom Morris,
 Trent University

Mental Images and Their Transformations
R.N. Shepard and L.A. Cooper
Reviewed by Terence Hines,
 Pace University

Dichotomies of Mind
W. Lowen
Reviewed by Terence Hines,
 Pace University


Volume 4, Number 4, Autumn

The Opening of the Black Box: Is Psychology Prepared? 

The Experience of a Conscious Self

Causal Attributions: Phenomenological and Dialectical Aspects

The Implications of Langer’s Philosophy of Mind for a Science of Psychology

General Contextualism, Ecological Science and Cognitive Research

Book Reviews

Theories of the Chakras: A Bridge to Higher Consciousness
Hiroshi Motoyama
Reviewed by Barbara Ivanova,
 Moscow, USSR

Robert Lowell: A Biography
Ian Hamilton
Reviewed by Gordon Patterson,
 Florida Institute of Technology

On Literacy
Robert Pattison
Reviewed by William J. Hampton,
 Tempo Advertising and Public Relations.

Saints, Scholars, and Schizophrenics: Mental Illness in Rural Ireland
Nancy Scheper-Hughes
Reviewed by Steven E. Connelly,
 Indiana State University