Life and climate

Orono, Old Town and Bangor

The University of Maine is located in the town of Orono. Orono’s downtown features several restaurants, breweries, coffee shops. Old Town is another small town near campus. Old Town has two pharmacies, local restaurants and is on the route of the Community Connector (UMaine’s public transportation system). The city of Bangor is 5 miles/8 kilometers from UMaine. Bangor offers a large shopping area with stores, restaurants and cinemas.

Public Transportation

Black Bear Orono Express (BBOE)

This bus is free and runs Monday-Friday from early morning until 6pm. The bus routes run within the University, the town of Orono, and surrounding areas. For more information, visit the BBOE website at

Community Connector

This bus system runs all over the Greater Bangor Area and is not affiliated with the university. These buses are free to use when you present your UMaine ID (MaineCard) to the driver. For more information about the Community Connector, including hours of operation and routes, visit the website at

Weather and clothes

The climate in the area ranges from an average of 10 degrees Fahrenheit/-12 degrees Celsius in the winter to 80 F/26 C degrees in the summer. Due to the variable weather conditions, people in Maine tend to dress casually and informally for work and school.


In August and early September, the average temperature is typically 70 F/25 C, with high temperatures of 88 F/31 C or above. Early morning and evening temperatures are cooler; a light jacket might be necessary. In October and November, it will be colder, with temperatures ranging from 30 F/0 C to 50 F/10 C; heavier jackets, gloves and sweaters will be needed.


December, January and February, temperatures can be very cold, with snow and ice. Average temperatures are 20 F/-7 C. Since UMaine is a pedestrian campus, you should bring a warm winter coat, boots, gloves, hat and scarf. Generally, cold weather lasts an average of three months. Public buildings and housing all have central heating systems. You will be able to buy boots and other appropriate outerwear during the Orientation shopping trip.


In March and April, temperatures are similar to those in October and November. May is a rainy month, with warm and cool days. June is also rainy, with warm to hot days. July and August are hot, with little rain. Temperatures range from 75 F/24 C to 90 F/32 C.