Make an Appointment

For the Fall 2020 semester the majority of appointments will be held via Zoom.   If you have an extenuating circumstance that requires an in person meeting you can contact the OIP staff member who will be meeting with you to make your request.  Requests for in person meetings will be granted for extenuating circumstances only.

It is important that you schedule your appointment with the appropriate staff member so that you can get the help you need.  If you book with the incorrect OIP staff member you will be re-booked with the appropriate person but it may result a delay in services.

Click here for help with:

  • letter requests
  • social security applications
  • health insurance questions
  • travel signatures.  

(click on the name of the appropriate staff member to get their booking link)

Orlina Boteva, OIP Director

  • Student questions about:
    • scholarships – awards and posting, emergency requests
    • academic support and success strategies
  • Faculty and staff questions about:
    • diversity and inclusion as it relates to international populations
    • international agreements and establishing connections
    • international students at risk
    • international transfer credit policy

Sarah Joughin , OIP Senior Associate Director

  • Students, by permission only please.
  • Faculty and staff questions about:
    • H1b, J-1 Scholar or TN advising
    • department requests for visa processing for new hires or visiting scholars
    • immigration compliance requirements for UMaine programs enrolling F-1 and J-1 students
    • international programming on campus including Culturefest, International Dance Festival, etc.
    • international students at risk

Mireille Le Gal, International Student/Scholar Advisor

  • Student questions about:
    • immigration matters including visas and travel
    • academic or personal issues
    • extension of program
    • transfer to another institution
    • work authorizations
    • tax related questions
  • Faculty and staff questions about:
    • international student visa compliance issues
    • international students at risk

Andrius Ksikvas, Associate Director of International Recruitment

  • Student questions about:
    • international admissions process
    • available scholarships and costs
    • transferring to UMaine
    • country-specific admission requirements
    • status of submitted applications
    • international transfer credit process
    • organizing virtual and in-person campus visits
  • Faculty and staff questions about:
    • partnerships
    • recruitment
    • MOUs
    • agency questions

Erika Clement, Study Abroad Advisor

  • Student questions about:
    • How to research/brainstorm possible programs based on your needs and goals
    •  Study abroad application process
    • Locations/programs for specific majors
    • Study abroad scholarships and budgets