Student Success Stories – Casey Faulkingham & Aiko Van Landeghem

Aiko Van Landeghem & Casey FaulkinghamAiko Van Landeghem & Casey Faulkingham

For Casey Faulkingham of Houlton, it was a chance to live in a bustling European city and to work with children and refugee families from Afghanistan, Russia and Morocco. For Aiko Van Landeghem of Belgium, it was an opportunity to experience campus life and hometown culture in Maine and to understand the universal challenges of homeless teens. For both young women, the Global Work with Immigrant Kids (GWIK) exchange program, offered through the University of Maine School of Social Work with partner schools in North Carolina, Rhode Island, Spain, Denmark and Belgium, has opened the door to personal and academic growth, global travel, deeper commitment to social service, and a network of new friends. Read the full story.