Margo Lukens

Margo Lukens is a professor in the UMaine Department of English, where she teaches colonial to 19th-century Anglo-American and a variety of Native American literatures.  Her research interests include Wabanaki literary and storytelling history, Native American and First Nations drama, innovation and decolonization. She has been involved in the startup of many projects, including The Radcliffe Pitches (1975), Orono Community Theatre (2000), the Penobscot Players (of Indian Island, 2003), the Innovation Engineering minor and certificates (2005), the Stillwater Community Arts organization (2010) and most recently True North Theatre (2017).  She has produced and directed Native American plays on campus and in the region, and participates in as much theater as possible.  Current projects include publication of traditional Penobscot texts for the purpose of language revitalization, and writing a solo show about race.