Post-Tenure Review

According to the AFUM contract, Article 20.G., any unit member having the rank of Professor with tenure, Associate Professor with tenure, Extension Professor with continuing contract, or Associate Extension Professor with continuing contract, or any Lecturer, Research Faculty, or Instructor with over six (6) years of continuous full-time regular service in the same department, division, or other appropriate unit shall be eligible for consideration for the award of compensation at the time of his / her post tenure review.

Example:  John Smith was awarded tenure effective September 1, 2017.  He will be eligible for a post-tenure review Spring semester of 2021, to be effective September 1, 2021.

  • Eligible faculty shall be evaluated pursuant to Article 10, Section C of the Agreement.

  • Faculty who receive an evaluation of satisfactory or better shall be recommended to receive a 3.5% adjustment to their base pay effective at the start of the subsequent fall semester for academic-year faculty, or, to be effective the July 1 following the review in the case of faculty with fiscal year appointments.

If you are on sabbatical leave or participating in a partial phased retirement program, or if you are looking for more information regarding post-tenure review and compensation, please refer to the entirety of Article 20.G. in the AFUM contract.

To review your department’s evaluation criteria, please go here.

Non-Represented Faculty Post-Tenure Review Process

Suggested Timeline for Post-Tenure Review

*While there isn’t a standardized format for submitting materials, it is suggested that candidates for Post Tenure Review provide the following for peer committee and administrative review:

  1. Letter or narrative highlighting major accomplishments over the four-year period;
  2. List of courses taught and student evaluation summary;(evaluation template link) over the four-year period;
  3. Annual activity reports updated electronically; and
  4. Curriculum Vitae.

Please follow your specific college’s format.