HGSA Constitution

This organization shall be known as the History Graduate Student Association (HGSA).

ARTICLE II – Purpose
The purpose of HGSA is to represent all History graduate students in providing a link between students and departmental administration, as well as fostering socially and academically motivated activities for faculty, staff and students within the department.

ARTICLE III – Membership
Membership is open to all part-time and full-time graduate students in the Department of History at the University of Maine.

ARTICLE IV – Executive Officers

A. Executive Officers — HGSA shall be administered by four executive officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. In the case of small activity levels, resignation of an officer, or as deemed necessary by the organization, the duties of these positions may be combined in the following manner, in an interim basis (See Art. IV, Sec. C): President/Secretary, Vice President/Treasurer. The duties of these offices are as follows:

1. President

a. Shall preside over all general HGSA meetings and all HGSA Executive Board meetings
b. The President or designee will act as a liaison between departmental administration and HGSA members and attend monthly faculty meetings

2. Vice President

a. Shall attend all HGSA committee meetings and report findings to the Executive Board
b. Shall act in the capacity of the President in the event that the President is unable to attend a meeting or event
c. In the event that the President submits his/her resignation, the Vice President shall become President for the remainder of the term.
d. Shall act as the social activities coordinator
e. Shall be a representative on the Graduate Studies Committee

3. Secretary

a. Shall keep minutes of all HGSA meetings and make them public within one week of said meetings
b. Shall be responsible for maintaining the official correspondence and files of HGSA
c. Shall be a GSG representative and make a GSG report public within one week

4. Treasurer

a. Shall be the financial officer of HGSA and shall be responsible for all funds held by HGSA
b. Shall submit a proposed budget at the beginning of each school year
c. Shall submit receipts and end of year budget report to Graduate Student Government by the end of May
d. Shall provide a accurate count of current graduate students in the department

B. Term of Office – The term of office for Executive Officers shall be from 1 August to 31 July.

C. Elections – Officers shall be elected each April and shall assume their offices the following 1 August. A simple majority of the membership present shall be required for an officer to be elected. There shall be a nomination period of a minimum of one week prior to all elections.

Should a vacancy occur in the offices of Vice President, Treasurer, or Secretary, it shall be filled by special election.

D. Voting – all elections shall be by secret ballot. A simple majority of the membership present shall be sufficient to pass organizational business and other matters.


Meetings will be held a minimum of once every academic month.  Notices will be sent out at the previous meeting, two weeks, and one week in advance.  The one week notice will contain a preliminary agenda.


A. HGSA shall have two representatives to GSG and one alternate.  One GSG representative shall be the HGSA Secretary.  In the situation of a schedule conflict, the duties of GSG representative shall fall to the HGSA Treasurer.  The second HGSA student representative shall be chosen by the Executive Committee.

B. The History Graduate Studies Committee shall have the number of HGSA representatives set by the Committee itself.  The Vice President shall be one representative.  Any other representatives shall be chosen by the Executive Committee.


A. Adoption of the Constitution – The constitution shall be adopted by a two-thirds majority vote of the membership present.

B. A quorum consisting of no less than 10% of the membership as described in Article III must be present for the Constitution to be amended. A two-thirds majority vote is needed to pass the amendment.

C. Any changes to the Constitution must be presented to the HGSA membership a minimum of one month in advance.