The University of Maine in Orono is a thriving community of scholars and the only institution in the state of Maine to offer a Ph.D. in History. The History Department has about sixty to seventy graduate students enrolled in both M.A. and Ph.D. programs. The History Department has one of the largest graduate programs on campus. Our graduate students come from all over the country. The University of Maine offers a wonderful learning environment. Recent graduate students have found many opportunities to gain teaching experience at the university, as well as at other colleges and universities around Maine. Our graduate students are very active within the department, around the university, and in the Bangor metro area.

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The Black Bear Undergraduate History Journal

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The Black Bear Undergraduate History Journal is operated under the University of Maine Graduate Student History Association and is supported by the University of Maine History Department.

Rufus T. StevensOur unofficial HGSA mascot.