There are many ways to become active in UMaine’s green community.  The major green groups are listed below:

The Green Team

UMaine’s Green Team is the only official student organization with the direct objective of creating efficiency and sustainability on the campus and in the community.  We work to achieve these goals by creating activities, participating in activities, and working on increasing awareness about sustainability issues.

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Green Campus Initiative

GCI’s Mission Statement: To develop a broad based, student-led effort toward environmental awareness and stewardship by promoting sustainable relationships between the ecological, economic and social systems on campus and in the local community.

Look at GCI’s website!

Divest UMS

Divest UMS Instagram

Divest UMS website

Mission Statement: To encourage and work with the University of Maine System to divest its assets in the Managed Investment Pool (MIP), the Operating Fund, and the Pension Fund from the fossil fuel industry, and to raise public awareness and support of fossil fuel divestment as a broader movement.