Developed by Greek Peer Educators, this program discusses issues of alcohol and partying, sexuality, how to stay safe, and some of the dangers associated with these activities. The Greek Peer Educators take this workshop back to their chapters and all over the campus providing valuable information that every college student should know.

The workshop includes a 20 minute video made by former Greek Peer Educators that strives to create a realistic setting for talking about drinking and the impact that it can have on students’ lives. Party scenes within the video depict situations that may look familiar to you. Watch carefully and you will see how a fun night can turn out to be trouble for someone who may not be aware of the many hazards of drinking. Pick up tips to avoid drinking pitfalls. The old image of a fraternity or sorority that resembles an “Animal House” is just that–old and outdated. Greeks are resuming their leadership role and are taking an active role in dealing with the challenges of student drinking while encouraging healthier behavior within the campus community.

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