Greek Peer Educators

The Greek Peer Educator Program at the University of Maine aims to prepare, educate and engage Greek leaders on topics facing the Greek community locally, nationally, as well as internationally on college campuses. To apply to become a Greek Peer Educator or to request a program, contact the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs at (207) 581-4162.

Background: The Greek Peer Educator Program was conceived by Dr. Sandra L. Caron in January 1990 as an outreach program for the University of Maine Greek System. Greek organizations were designed to promote leadership, scholarship, and community service in a network of brotherhood and sisterhood. Caron created the Greek Peer Educator program to promote a better understanding of the issues surrounding substance abuse and sexuality with Greek organizations in mind. The program is made up of specially trained undergraduate Greek students who provide information on these issues to fraternities, sororities, and special programs on campus. Primary responsibilities include conducting workshops, designing and distributing educational materials, and assisting in community health fairs.

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