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Responsible Conduct of Research Training

The Basics

All students enrolled in graduate research master’s (thesis) or doctoral programs must receive one credit of RCR training prior to completing the degree, preferably prior to commencing the research.

At the advisory committee’s or Graduate Coordinator’s discretion, this credit may be substituted for one of the 6 required thesis/dissertation credits (XXX 699).

Students must take the RCR training before the commencement of the fourth credit of XXX 699.

Please note: students readmitted to a thesis program are subject to this requirement.

Approved RCR Graduate Courses

The Graduate School provides the following list of acceptable options for fulfilling the RCR training requirement approved by the Graduate Board:

  • ANT 560 – Research Design & Methods (3 cr)
  • BIO 505 – Professionalism in Biology (2 cr)
  • BMS 605 – Professionalism and Responsible Conduct of Research in Biomedical Science and Engineering (1-3 cr)
  • CMJ 600 – Introduction to Graduate Study in Communication (2 cr)
  • EHD 657 – Practicum in Doctoral Research: Part II (3 cr)
  • FSN 524 – Responsible Design, Conduct and Analysis of Research (3 cr)
  • HUD 556 – Introduction to Research Methods in Child Development and Family Relations (3 cr)
  • INT 601 – Responsible Conduct of Research (1 cr)
  • PSY 603 – Ethics and Professional Problems (3 cr)
  • SFR 521 – Research Methods (3 cr)
  • SMS 691 – Marine Science Seminar (1 cr)

Updated December 21, 2021

Information on how academic units obtain approval of graduate-level RCR courses can be found here

For more information on research compliance, please visit the Office of Research Compliance website