Zoology Majors


The School of Biology and Ecology offers graduate study leading to MS and PhD degrees in Zoology. Independent research under the direction of a faculty advisor is a major component of all of these programs excepting certain of the master’s degrees which have a non-thesis or literature-research option.

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The program leading to a Master of Science in Entomology is designed for students interested in the study of insect biology and its applications in environmental sciences and management of insects. An applicant should have a bachelor’s degree with a major in biological science which includes in addition to basic and advanced biology courses, a […]

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Botany & Plant Pathology

Graduate-degree candidates conduct research under the guidance of the School of Biology and Ecology faculty. The expertise of the faculty covers a broad spectrum, ranging from molecular and cell biology, through system- and organism-level biology, to ecology; and it applies to a diversity of organisms from protists and lower plants and invertebrate animals through vascular […]

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