2023-2024 Graduate School Award Recipients Announced

The Graduate School is pleased to announce the 2023-2024 award recipients for the following awards. These awards will assist the students in their research and professional development.

Graduate Trustee Tuition Scholarship:

  1. Skye Adams, Social Work
  2. Collette Filer, Communication Sciences & Disorders
  3. Gabriella Fryer, English
  4. Luke McKinney, Intermedia (MFA)
  5. Olive Morelli, Social Work
  6. Nicholas Neily, Global Policy
  7. Maya Reda-Williams, Anthropology & Environmental Policy
  8. Katya Rodina, Global Policy
  9. Rori Smith, Integrated Masters
  10. Paulina Torres, Anthropology & Environmental Policy
  11. Emma Watras, Food Science & Human Nutrition
  12. Taylor Wells, Communication Sciences & Disorders
  13. Caitlyn Winn, Food Science & Human Nutrition

Thurgood Marshall Scholarship:

  1. Ramiya Edward, Communication Sciences & Disorders
  2. Adrian Labrador, Food Science & Human Nutrition
  3. Jieming Li, Communication Sciences & Disorders
  4. Jean Pierre Nizeyimana, Social Work
  5. Munira Seidu, Global Policy

Atlantic Provinces Graduate Scholarship:

  1. Sarah Dawe, Communication Sciences & Disorders
  2. Erin Dumville, Communication Sciences & Disorders

Janet Waldron Doctoral Research Fellowship:

  1. Ingalise Kindstedt, Earth and Climate Sciences
  2. Serge Maalouf,  Mechanical Engineering
  3. Mackenzie Roeder, Ecology & Environmental Sciences

George Chase Distinguished Research Assistantship:

  1. Avery Bond, Microbiology
  2. Gabriela Dri, Wildlife Ecology
  3. Maja Kruse, Interdisciplinary Doctoral Studies
  4. Elizabeth Leclerc, Interdisciplinary Doctoral Studies
  5. Dylan O’Hara, History 

Susan J. Hunter Presidential Teaching Assistantship:

  1. Liam Berigan, Wildlife Ecology
  2. Amanda Gavin, Ecology & Environmental Sciences
  3. Ethan Geheb, Education
  4. Alice Hotopp, Ecology & Environmental Sciences