2022-2023 Graduate School Award Recipients Announced

The Graduate School is pleased to announce the 2022-2023 award recipients for the following awards. These awards will assist the students in their research and professional development.

Janet Waldron Dissertation Fellowships

  • Sally Barker, Psychology
  • Kendra Batchelder, Interdisciplinary
  • Vaclava Hazukova, Ecology and Environmental Science (declined)
  • Rafa Tasnim, Plant Science

George Chase Distinguished Research Assistantships

  • Mohammed Baten, Anthropology and Environmental Policy
  • Edwin Johnston, Ecology and Environmental Science
  • William Riihiluoma, Physics
  • Clinton Spaulding, Communication
  • Cassandre Stirpe, Earth and Climate Sciences

Susan Hunter Teaching Assistantships

  • Rose Deng, Psychology
  • Chelsea Fairbank, Anthropology and Environmental Policy
  • Hannah Mittelstaedt, Ecology and Environmental Science (declined)
  • Kathryn Roderick, Psychology
  • Tayo Adekeye, Biological Science