FAROG, or “Franco-American Resource Opportunity Group”, is a club dedicated to celebrating, learning about, and promoting Franco-American culture at the University of Maine and the surrounding community. In doing so, we are realizing the importance of our culture, language, and our heritage, which in turn has helped us form a system of support for each other.

FAROG was started in the early 1970s by students with the purpose of advocating for Franco-Americans and supporting students who undertake the journey to learn about their heritage.

We meet often for homecooked food and fun. This year, we organized a Haunted House at the Franco Centre to help fund our trip to Quebec!

We welcome new students at any time.  Just come to one of our meetings, email one of the officers, or contact Lisa Michaud.


Officers 2019-2020 Academic Year


Meghan Murphy

Vice President

Margaret Somers



Secretary & SHAC Representative

Cheyenne Laszlo