Regional Samplers

In addition to the songs and stories posted on this website, the Maine Folklife Center compiled four regional Song and Story Samplers for the state of Maine. These samplers are available for purchase through the Maine Folklife Center.  Track listings are presented below, with selected tracks available to read about and listen to on the Maine Song and Story Sampler website:

Aroostook County:

Town/City Performer Name of Song/Story Length
1. New Sweden Helen Borgeson “Halsa dem Darhemma” (Swedish) 0:37
2. Caribou Gordon Fraser “Cows on Cross Lake” 4:08
3. Patten Dr. Lore Rogers “The North Pole Stage” 1:24
4. St Francis Aaron & Rosie Jackson “Down on the Farm” 2:47
5. Portage Ora Daggett “Hauling Off a Mountain” 3:38
6. Maine/Quebec Border Jim Connors “The International Boundary Line” 2:03
7. Lille Ida Roy “Petits Enfant” (French) 3:00
8. Westmanland Fritjof Jacobson “Westman Schottische” (Swedish) 1:48
9. Allagash Jim Connors “Tom Gardner’s Stories” 2:30
10. Lille Lawrence & Lucille Parent “Youpe! Youpe! Sur La Riviere!” (French) 2:32
11. Ashland Georgie Orcutt “Phone Call to Hitler” 1:06
12. Sherman Mills Joseph Walsh “The Teamster in Jack MacDonald’s Crew” 2:04


Town/City/Region Performer Name of Song/Story Length
1. Vanceboro Linwood Brown “The Bull Moose Song” 2:29
2. Gouldsboro Myrtress Harrington “Scissoring Sardines” 1:57
3. Calais Thomas Cleghorn “Wild Colonial Boy” 2:56
4. Jacksonville Clarence Berry “John Roberts” 4:15
5. Lubec Margaret Hallett “Fifteen Ships on Georges Banks” 6:02
6. Baring Thomas MacLeod “Breakfast in Hell” 1:02
7. Perry Rob Golding “Light Fingers From Maine” 1:48
8. Osborn Raymond Mace “The Champion of Moose Hill” 3:31
9. Indian Township Lillian Gabriel “Burial Hymn” (Passamaquoddy) 2:08
10. Eastport William Lawrence “Herring and Pollock” 1:45
11. Grand Lake Stream George MacArthur “Wabassus Cannonball” 2:01

Central Maine:

Town/City/Region Performer Name of Song/Story Length
1. Vienna Hazel Bean “The Connecticut March” 2:50
2. Carmel Reid Hand “The Auto Rest Park” 0:48
3. Richmond Wasyl Moros “Barynya” (Russian) 0:57
4. Oakland Bill Cramp “The Blackwater Side” 3:54
5. East Eddington Jennie Gray “The Cambric Shirt” 2:14
6. Bangor Malka Singal “The Fox and the Grape Garden” 1:34
7. Indian Island Teresa Sappier “Snake Dance” (Penobscot) 0:50
8. Great Pond Clarence Berry “John Roberts” 4:15
9. Corinna Mrs. Elwood Nickerson “Heenan and Sayers” 2:53
10. Richmond John Supruniuk “Krakoviak” (Russian) 0:57
11. Mattawamkeag Dale Potter “The Irish Patriot” 2:44
12. Bangor Elsie Diamond Smith “Pumpkin Seed Tea Cure” 1:05
13. Union River James Brown “The Good Old State of Maine” 4:42

Western Maine:

Town/City Performer Name of Song/Story Length
1. Pittston Farm Bill Cramp “The Depot Camp” 2:42
2. Moosehead Lake Charles Sibley “The Man Who Plucked the Gorbey” 1:09
3. Livermore Falls Philip Walsh “Guy Reed” 8:01
4. Monson Martha Viik “Early School Days” 2:45
5. Hanover Mabel C. Worcester “The Golden Vanity” 2:52
6. Norway James Brown “The Norway Bum” 9:07
7. Abbot Fleetwood Pride “Giving Larry Gorman a Ride” 1:40
8. South Paris Walfred Hamari “Finnish Sing-along” (Finnish) 1:18
9. Bingham Dot Ruppell & Jim Cahill “Bye, Bye Longjohns” 2:09
10. Rumford Sam Jagoe “The Plain Golden Band” 7:27
11. Norway Cherry Noble Frechette “Haywood Schottische/The Haywood” 1:40
12. Sangerville Sunny Stutzman “Life on the Farm in the Old Days” 2:06
13. Moscow Eddie Rollins “Spring of ’65” 2:26