MF 084 Linda Gilbert Davenport Collection

Northeast Archives of Folklore and Oral History: MF 084 Linda Gilbert Collection of Penobscot Indian Music

Number of accessions: 2
Dates when interviews were conducted: 1976
Principal interviewers: Linda Gilbert
Finding aides: brief indexes
Access restrictions: NA1062 (copyright retained by interviewee and interviewer)
Description: This collection consists of two brief tape-recorded interviews conducted by Davenport apparently for her master’s thesis on Penobscot Indian Music. In all, Davenport interviewed thirty-two informants but most were not recorded. For more information see Music Among the Contemporary Penobscot Indians, (MA Thesis, University of Illinois, 1977), available in the MFC library.

NA1055 Teresa Sappier, interviewed by Linda Gilbert, summer 1976, Orono, Maine. 9 pp. Tape: 1/2 hr. w/ brief cat. Sappier, a Penobscot Indian, sings Penobscot Indian songs she learned from her mother and describes corresponding dances. Text: brief catalog. Recording: T 1064 – T 1065 1/2 hour.

NA1062 Ronald Francis, a.k.a. “Senabeh,” interviewed by Linda Gilbert, July 15, 1976, St. Ann’s Church, Indian Island, Old Town, Maine. Senabeh sings Penobscot Indian songs and talks of the legends, folk tales, and meanings that accompany them; the history of the corn dance; the warrior’s dance; the Medicine Man’s song; Bear Dance; Dog dance; Dance of the Eagle, and the Wedding Dance. Text: 4 pp. transcript. Recording: T 1072 1 hour.