Surface Microscopies

Scanning Tunneling (STM), Atomic Force (AFM),
Field Ion (FIM), Optical Fluorescence

Surface MicroscopiesSeveral imaging instruments are available for studying surface morphology and structure. These range from conventional optical microscopes to Scanning Tunneling Microscopes (STM), Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM), and Fluorescence Microscopes that can resolve features spanning length scales from micrometer to nanometer to atomic dimensions.

A Park Scientific M5 scanning force microscope (SFM) allows for sample characterization in ambient conditions. It can operate in traditional contact mode with lateral force capabilities as well as non-contact and intermittent contact modes. A motorized translation stage allows large samples to be imaged as well as to obtain a high degree of reproducibility in image location. The M5 has liquid cell and force modulation capabilities as well as software for performing lithography.

Surface MicroscopiesA JEOL JSPM-4500A scanning probe microscope has both AFM and STM imaging capabilities in a UHV environment. Samples may be heated in the instrument and imaged at elevated temperatures (up to 400oC). Since the microscope is integrated into the Thin Film Synthesis and Characterization Facility , samples can be imaged in situ following thin film growth, processing, and/or other surface analysis without exposure to atmosphere.