Sensor Testing and Electronic Characterization

Hall Effect, Impedance Spectroscopy, 2pt & 4pt Conductivity,
Capacitance-Voltage, Gas Delivery Systems

Sensor Testing and Electronic CharacterizationSeveral systems are available for testing of chemical gas sensors and liquid phase chem/biosensors. These include a computer-controlled gas delivery system which can mix and deliver pulses of test gases of varying composition and concentration to sensor test cells and computer controlled sensor measurement systems which control the sensor operating temperature while recording conductivity, impedance, or capacitance responses to gas exposures.

Microwave test equipment is available for use in characterizing and monitoring acoustic wave devices and sensors including: a variable temperature device/wafer microwave probe station, network analyzer, vector voltmeter, signal generators, frequency counters, pulse generators, electrometers, RF amplifiers, and 100 MHz oscilloscopes

Sensor Testing and Electronic CharacterizationA Hall probe analysis station permits in-situ 4-point conductivity and carrier mobility characterization of films under controlled gas exposure from ultra-high vacuum to atmospheric pressure. This instrument provides unique and valuable information about the conductivity, mobility, and carrier concentration of semiconducting films during gas exposure. This Hall probe station is part of the Thin Film Synthesis and Characterization Facility.