Student Entrepreneurs

The University of Maine works hard to help student entrepreneurs grow and expand both before and after graduation. If you are interested in starting a business or non-profit, contact UMaine’s Foster Center for Student Innovation and learn about all of the resources available to help you succeed.

Sea & Reef Aquaculture


Sea & Reef Aquaculture was founded in 2003 by then student and now marine biologist Soren Hansen. The company was started because of a love for the coral reefs and desire to help protect it. Starting as a student start up right on campus Soren and his team are now located on the beautiful coast of Maine in UMaine’s Center for Cooperative Aquaculture Research. They are the first marine ornamental fish farm in New England. They specialize in culturing only the highest quality marine ornamental fish for the aquarium hobby. Through careful research and dedication their team of marine biologists brings you saltwater fish of optimum health and vivid color. Learn more at

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Spark! collects ideas from community members and then explores and supports those ideas that help make communities more vibrant. Spark! fosters strong relationships among community members, municipalities, small businesses, artists and other stakeholders. Spark! is focused on the Bangor region. Spark! is the brain child of Jennifer Hooper, a grad student completing an Intermedia Master of Fine Arts, who along with a team of dedicated students and community members, are bringing a number of projects including murals in downtown Bangor and a “water-fire” type festival to life in our community.

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Through Thick and Thin

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Through Thick and Thin was started in November 2012 by husband and wife team John and Christine Carney. John is a graduate student in the Intermedia MFA program and Christine is an undergraduate student working on her second bachelor degree in animal science and zoology. From fun and funky cupcake toppers to ornaments and jewelry they have something for everyone. For more information, visit

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Strong Mind-Strong Body, Inc.

Strong Body, Strong Mind, Inc. was started by Roosevelt Boone as an undergraduate student at the University of Maine. Since graduation, Boone decided to stay at UMaine and work toward getting a Master’s in Counselor Education. As a fourth year running back for the UMaine football team, Boone certainly knows the importance of a healthy lifestyle. However, it was only after working as a counselor at various sports camps at UMaine that he started to wonder how many kids are deprived of the opportunity to attend the types of camps that promote physical activity and youth wellness. This realization is when Boone decided to start Strong Mind-Strong Body Inc. Boone is honoring his vision by offering summer camps, first in Maine and then across the country, that focus on sports, wellness, nutrition, health and hygiene. Campers are ages 10–17 and come from households that meet the Department of Health and Human Services income guidelines. Since campers are able to attend free of charge, the majority of Strong Ming-Strong Body Inc.’s funding comes from grants and private donations.
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