Industrial Cooperation Project Forms

The following forms are needed to initiate a new project with Industrial Cooperation:

Project Authorization Form
DIC Budget Sheet FY19 to be used for projects with start dates after July 1, 2018 (Microsoft Excel)

After receiving the completed project authorization form and budget sheet, DIC will initiate the Service Agreement and send it to the company.

Additional Project Forms

Once a project has been created, these forms are used for purchasing materials and paying salaries for employees working on the project.
Purchase Request Form (Microsoft Excel)
Additional Compensation for Faculty and Professional Employees (Microsoft Word)
Additional Compensation for Graduate Student (Microsoft Word)


The following are some of our standard agreements which may be used when a project is started. The files posted here are for draft purposes only. Some modifications may be made to the agreement based on the needs and interest of all involved parties. Please send requests for agreements directly to
Service Agreement (Microsoft Word)
Non-Disclosure Agreement (Microsoft Word)
Research and Collaboration Agreement (Microsoft Word)
Material Transfer Agreement (Microsoft Word)

Office of Research Administration Forms & Policies

Rate Information

Service Fees and Labor Rates at Farms and Greenhouses

Rate Information

Intellectual Property & Technology Transfer Forms & Policies

Patent & Copyright Policy
UMaine Exclusive License Agreement (Microsoft Word )