Anderson Kick Starts Field Study Fund

A generous contribution from retired School of Economics faculty member and EES founding Undergraduate Coordinator and Instructor Mark Anderson and his spouse Lorraine Ostergren has helped launch the EES Field Study Fund. Anderson and Ostergren have generously offered to match every donation — up to $5,000 — that comes to UMaine in support of the Field Study Fund.

This new scholarship will be used to help students in-need participate in EES 217: Field Problems in EES, a required course for EES students that provides hands-on, policy-relevant research in a field setting. Though cost-effective, the course fee can be a challenge for many students.

In a letter written to alumni of EES, Anderson reflected on his 37 years of working with students at the University of Maine, and his motivation for seeding the Field Study Fund. “When I stop to think about what makes the single most important difference in a student’s readiness to launch into a professional role, UMaine’s ability to provide hands-on learning opportunities tops the list,” he said.

EES 217 students survey a plot

Please consider doubling your money by making a gift to the EES Field Study Fund today!   We look forward to establishing a robust scholarship that will serve as a long-standing reminder of the value of field-based learning experiences. If you would like to talk about a donation, please contact Liz Erickson at the University of Maine Foundation (207.581.1145 or You may also donate online.

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