Ben Mahanna

Ben Mahanna received his B.S. from the University of Maine Ecology and Environmental Sciences program in 2017. Upon graduation, he secured a position with Triumvirate Environmental, a hazardous waste management and environmental services company. As an environmental specialist for Triumvirate Environmental, Ben works alongside the environmental health and safety programs of the two accounts he has been put on, Massachusetts General Hospital and UMass Medical School.

The driving forces behind the work TEI does is the need to reduce waste impact on the environment as well as implement more compliant waste management programs. On a day to day basis, Ben can be found characterizing, consolidating, packing and shipping hazardous materials for the accounts he is on per DOT and RCRA regulations. He is also involved with documenting environmental health and safety audits for his clients using their ADVISE waste management program that allows TEI and their clients to track their facilities and laboratories waste program overtime. Pictured is Ben adding to a flame-toxic 55 gallon drums onsite at UMass in the main accumulation area at their biotec 3 lab, one of the medical labs on campus.

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