Spring Break 2015 –Peruvian Amazon!

Peru2EES 475: Field Studies in Ecology (3 credits): PERU!

Instructors:         Aram Calhoun, Mac Hunter, Lindsay Seward                                                        

  • Study sunny South American tropical ecosystems over the cold, dark Maine winter. We will visit one of most diverse regions in the world in the western Amazon rainforest.
  • We will zip-line through the canopy, canoe through flooded forests, swim with pink dolphins, and fish for piranha!
  • See tropical birds, sloths, orchids, bromeliads, poison dart frogs, insect & much more!
  • Have close encounters with multiple species of primates, including pygmy marmosets (the world’s smallest primate), squirrel, woolly, and owl monkeys.

Prerequisite: EES 475 has a prerequisite of an ecology course

Tentative course fee and schedule:

February 26 – March 9

Course fee: ~Approximately $2,600

(includes everything except tuition)


Download the application below and return to Julie Eubanks on FirstClass by October 15th.  Apply soon as course is limited to 22 students.  No obligation until formal enrollment is established in early November.

Peru Application 2014 (Word Document)