Stephen Norton

Climate Change Institute

I am interested in interactions between water and geologic materials. My interests thus span the chemistry of precipitation, soil- and ground-water, and fresh surface waters, focusing on processes. Recent studies include paleolimnological analysis of lake and bog sediments for their contained information about acidic deposition (including metals) and its direct and indirect impacts on lakes and ombrogenic bogs, chemical manipulations of ecosystems or ecosystem components, and assessment of the impact of land surface pollution such as road salt and agriculture. Recent research includes the study of interaction among Al, Fe, REEs, P, and dissolved organic carbon in oligotrophic and mesotrophic ecosystems. I have strong research collaborations with France and the Czech Republic. My research has been supported by the University’s environmental chemistry laboratory and the stable isotope laboratory. Being retired, I still welcome interaction with student research, including M.Sc. and PhD committees.