Sean Birkel

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I am a research scientist with expertise in climate and ice sheet modeling.  My various research interests include modern environmental change, pleistocene glaciation, data visualization, and Maine historical climatology.  Since early 2012, I have been building Climate Reanalyzer, a website that provides access to climate and weather models, and historical station data.  I am also helping to develop Climate Adaptation and Sustainility (CLAS) software for the University of Maine and the Climate Change Institute.  Current funded NSF research projects include climate and cryosphere modeling studies of Greenland, Alaska, and Patagonia.  Other modeling projects include characterizing recent changes in circulation across the Southern Hemisphere, and reconstructing paleo climate and hydrology of the western U.S. and central Asia.  In recent years I have been part of paleoglacier field research in the Wind River Range, WY and Sierra Nevada, CA.


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PhD. Dissertation

  • Birkel, S.D., 2010. Climate investigations using ice sheet and mass balance models with emphasis on North American glaciation. Ph. D. dissertation, University of Maine, Orono, Maine, USA.


My favorite pastimes are hiking and Nature Photography.


PhD., 2010, University of Maine, Orono, ME