Zebrafish Laboratory

Zebrafish Facility Service Rates

Facility Information

The Zebrafish Facility is outfitted with the Aquatic Habitats for Accelerated Bioresearch (AHAB) fish rearing system (Aquatic Habitats, Apopka, FL). This system is composed of five-foot wide, five-level, stainless steel racks using any combination of tank sizes (3 and 10 liter). Water input lines deliver UV-sterilized water to each tank through an independent valve. The fish tanks have self-cleaning bottoms and the effluent system features an optically clear design. The filter system requires minimal maintenance, and maintains high water quality, dramatically reduced disease and mortality.
Zebrafish Laboratory Contact:  Mark Nilan, Laboratory Manager
Phone:  207-581-3391

Technical Services:

  • Approximately 1200 total research tanks (3 and 10 liter), which permits facility capacity of more than 40,000 zebrafish
  • 12 recirculating racks of tanks for genetics and development work
  • 1 physically isolated flow through rack of tanks for quarantined disease and toxicology research
  • Zebrafish shipping and receiving
  • Line storage and maintenance
  • Embryo purchasing
  • Research project consultation
  • All projects considered for trial must have IACUC approved Animal Use Protocols (AUP)