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Overview of Services

The eDNA Laboratory all aspects of eDNA research and testing. Staff develop assays, collect, process and test environmental DNA samples. We currently test using qPCR, but will soon offer Next-Gen sequencing via Illumina Miseq as well as ddPCR. For more information and details please visit the eDNA Laboratory website.

Environmental DNA Contacts: Geneva York, Laboratory Manager Phone: 207.581.2591 Email: geneva.york@maine.eduMichael Kinnison, eDNA Program Lead Phone: 207.581.2575 Email: mkinnison@maine.edu

Technical Services

  • Survey design consultation
  • Sample collection
  • Sample filtration
  • DNA extraction
  • Inhibition clean-up
  • Sample testing
  • Starting copy number calculation
  • Results summary with quality controls
  • Survey interpretation and analysis consulting
  • Training