Funding and Publications

February 2023:

  • The CompuMAINE lab’s work led to our inclusion in the State of AI in Maine Report published by The Roux Institute at Northeastern University and The Institute for Experiential AI at Northeastern University

October 2022:

  • Congrats to lab members Joshua Hamilton and Andre Khalil and collaborators Karissa Tilbury, Peter Brooks, Tim Fitzgerald, Mike Jones, Anne Breggia on their publication. This is a major milestone for Josh with his first first-author paper!

June 2022:

  • Our manuscript titled “Synchronous retreat of southeast Greenland’s peripheral glaciers” was accepted for publication in Geophysical Research Letters
  • Lab members Jeremy Juybari, Andre Khalil, and their team published “Elimination of Image Saturation Effects on Multifractal Statistics Using the 2D WTMM Method” was published in Frontiers in Physiology

May 2022:

  • Madison Raza received a $4,000 summer internship award from BIOME (Bioscience Association of Maine) for her work on novel computational approaches to detect breast cancer from mammograms

October 2021:

  • We are awarded 1 of the 6 DRIVEN Accelerator Hub grants in the Northeast. The funds will be used to move our breast cancer detection technology closer to commercialization and aid in the fight against the disease.

September 2021:

  • Kristy Townsend and our interdisciplinary team publish the paper titled “Visualization and analysis of whole depot adipose tissue neural innervation” in iScience magazine

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CompuMAINE Director Dr. Andre Khalil, WAVED Medical CEO, Dr. Kendra Batchelder, and PhD Student Josh Hamilton visit former lab member Elliot Ossanna who is now an instructor at the Honolulu community college after the CompuMAINE team presented at the International Breast Density Workshop 2023.

Events and Conferences

March 2023:

  • Lab members Madison Raza, Jordan Miner, and Maggie McCarthy presented the lab’s latest breast cancer research at the 2023 Northeast Bioengineering Conference
  • Lab members Basel White, Jordan Miner, Jeremy Juybari, and lab alumnus Zach Marin participated in the UT Southwestern Medical Center Breast Cancer Hackathon. Jeremy’s team placed 2nd, and Jordan’s team won the patient’s advocate award.

December 2022:

  • Lab director Andre Khalil presented the lab’s latest work at the Radiological Society of North America’s annual meeting in Chicago

November 2022:

  • Lab members Jordan Miner, Maggie McCarthy, and Madison Raza presented their research at the Northeast Symposium on Biomedical Optics hosted by the Center For Biomedical OCT Research & Translation at Massachusetts General Hospital

October 2022:

  • Lab members Basel White and Josh Hamilton presented their research at the 2022 Biomedical Engineering Society meeting in San Antonio, TX
    • Basel’s presented his masters work, titled “Hybrid Power Spectral and Wavelet Image Roughness Analysis.”
    • Josh’s presented a portion of his PhD research, comparing our wavelet-based anisotropy score calculated from second harmonic generation images of patient biopsies to BI-RADS assessment scores on that patient’s mammogram.

September 2022:

  • Lab members Andre Khalil and Kendra Batchelder presented their work at the Why Study Mammographic Density? conference.

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Awards and Honors

September 2022:

  • Lab member Kendra Batchelder is interviewed by the University of Maine, highlighting the interdisciplinary nature of her PhD and the research conducted in the lab as a whole
  • Lab director Andre Khalil is featured in the University of Maine news to discuss the lab’s research
  • Our work’s commercialization is highlighted in a MaineBiz article
  • Lab member Basel White is featured in a promotional video for the UMaine Research Learning Experience

August 2022:

  • Josh Hamilton successfully defended his masters thesis in biomedical engineering, titled “Multiscale Anisotropy Analysis of Second-Harmonic Generation Imaging of Pancreatic Cancer.”

July 2022:

  • Kendra, Andre, Jeremy, and the rest of their team graduated from the NSF I-Corps program. Their team learned about the breast cancer market and the challenges that can be encountered in the field.

May 2022:

  • Lab director Andre Khalil received the 2022 Faculty Mentor Impact Award

April 2022:

  • Kendra Batchelder received the Impressive Innovator award from the University of Maine Foster Center

March 2022:

  • Kendra Batchelder was a contestant on Greenlight Maine College Edition and was unanimously selected to pass through the first round

December 2021:

  • Basel White received Highest Honors after defending his honors thesis, titled “Wavelet-based Automatic Breast Segmentation for Mammograms”
  • Basel White was awarded an academic year fellowship from The Center for Undergraduate Research, based on his work titled “An Exploratory Analysis on the Measurement of the Hurst Exponent through the Use of the Power Spectrum and 2D WTMM Methodology on Monofractal and Multifractal Images”
  • Katherine Jarvis successfully defended her master’s thesis, titled “Stochastic Agent Based Models Represent Dynamic Phenotypes in Biological Systems”

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