Syllabus Guidelines for Faculty

Below are materials you can use to build your syllabus:

COVID-19 Syllabus Statement (Google doc version)

COVID-19 Syllabus Statement (PDF version)

UMaine Syllabus Template (Google doc version)

UMaine Syllabus Template (PDF version)

UMaine Syllabus Manual (Google doc version)

UMaine Syllabus Manual (PDF version)

Student Voting Syllabus Language (non-required) (PDF version)


There are five policy statements required for every syllabus at the University of Maine:

All of the required administrative policy statements (academic integrity, mandatory reporting, etc.) should either appear on the instructor’s syllabus or be shared with students via the link to the Required Syllabus Statements page. The goal of administration and faculty is to ensure that students are aware of and have access to the statements electronically or in hard copy.




To copy a direct link to an individual statement of the required policy statements, click the policy link within the page provided above, and copy the URL from the address bar in the browser. Be sure that the hyperlink in your syllabus contains the ‘#…” (anchor link) for the statement you are providing, when you add the link for a specific statement in your syllabus.

Example of Direct Link:

Academic Honesty Statement URL:


Additional Information

Some faculty also find it helpful to include a statement about classroom civility. Depending upon your course content, you may also wish to include a statement about inclusive or non-sexist language. The University of Maine’s non-sexist language policy may be viewed here.