Racial Equity Fellows Learning Community on Teaching (REFLeCT)

(closed to new applicants)

The Racial Equity Fellows Learning Community on Teaching (REFLeCT) is an opportunity to learn about and develop teaching and reflective practices that advance racial equity as part of a team of university members with various roles on campus. Our community will be inspired by the equity scorecard model of faculty development, developed at the Center for Urban Education. Further, participants will grow their competencies in applied scholarship of teaching and learning. This community will be a unique form of professional development for our campus that can additionally serve as evidence of your commitment to cultivating an equitable university. 

Our joint purpose will be to inquire together from our various perspectives into ways to access, interpret, question, collect, and utilize data to better understand how racial (in)equities are present in our classrooms and learning environments and how they might be connected to specific teaching practices and ideologies as well as structural and systemic barriers.

The pilot REFLeCT took place through AY 21-22 is situated within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and will bring together faculty at all ranks, graduate students, and staff from CLAS advising, Fogler Library, the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment, and the Office of Research Development and CITL.

In AY22-23, participants from the pilot continue to meet and implement their research.