LMS Course Shell Combine Request

This form is used for the request to combine/consolidates enrollments in Brightspace. This is not an official Mainstreet section combine/cross-listed request.
  • i.e. ENG101
  • i.e. 2110.UMS05­-S.56789
    This is the course shell you want all other enrollments to be pushed in.
  • i.e. 2110.UMS05­-S.12345
    This is the course shell you want to push the enrolments into the primary course shell.
    * Use multiple lines on this field to enter multiple course shells.
    i.e. sections 1,2,3,5,6
  • Upload screenshot for reference
  • * Once all enrollment of all sections pushed into a primary course shell, You LMS would see all the enrollments as one course; this means that there is no automatic way to identify each student inside the primary shell what Mainestreet sections they are coming from.