Kaltura Tutorials Brightspace

Kaltura in a snapshot

  • Everyone has a private video library called ‘My Media’ – students too – with unlimited storage.
  • Your My Media can store videos uploaded from your computer, linked from YouTube or added directly from the built in recorder Kaltura Capture.
  • Kaltura is integrated directly with Brightspace, so videos can be used seamlessly in content area, discussion boards, and announcements to help your students to continue to feel a part of a community.  Because they are streamed, the size of the video will have less of an impact on your course.
  • Videos uploaded to Kaltura are automatically captioned, and the player provides a real time transcript, increasing the accessibility of your video content. These captions can be edited.
  • Videos can be converted into quizzes and these can be integrated with your Brightspace grades (like clicker questions).
  • Long videos can be divided into chapters and sections, or edited into smaller chunks to help students focus.
  • Students can submit videos in discussion boards or assignments.

You should use Kaltura when:

  • You do not need or plan to engage in conversation with your students throughout the recording.
  • You can make a stand-alone video to deliver information or model a demonstration.
  • You have students who have unreliable bandwidth.
  • You are making personal videos, quick videos that bring some of “you” to the course such as course announcements, or video feedback.
  • You are asking your students to make and submit video assignments, such as a video discussion boards, or student presentations.

Getting Started with Kaltura

  1. From your Brightspace homepage, select “My Media” to activate your Kaltura account and access your “My Media” library, or CLICK HERE  (*If you are not already signed into the UMaine portal, you will be prompted to sign in to Mainestreet.)
  2. Upload video from your computer or link to YouTube videos or create videos using the recording software Kaltura Capture
  3. Organize your videos using tags that are informative such as “POS102_S2020 Debates.” Tags are the only way to organize your vidoes in Kaltura, so having an organizational plan helps.
  4. Explore the settings of My Media
  5. If you want you can dig deeper by:
    1. Adding chapters to long videos to guide students
    2. Edit the video
  6. Publish your videos in your Brightspace course in content, or in discussion boards and announcements.
  7. Convert your videos into quizzes, and add these to your Brightspace course as assessments.
  8. Introduce your students to Kaltura, then have your students submit video assignments, or video submissions on discussion board.
  9. Download Your Kaltura Videos back to your computer if you need to.