Spring 2024 Teaching Tips & Techniques (TTT) for TAs

Is this your first or second year as a teaching assistant UMaine?  Excited but nervous about your role as a TA? Eager to learn more about life as a teaching assistant and meet other TAs on campus? We are now accepting applications for our Teaching Tips & Techniques (TTT) for Graduate Teaching Assistants!

The TTT first and foremost is a community of peers. At each meeting, we will explore real classroom experiences TAs might encounter, discuss and practice teaching strategies, and learn about current trends in teaching through the lens of graduate student experiences.

This program is aimed at those who are new to teaching at UMaine – those teaching for the first time in the 23-24 academic year will be prioritized, but all are welcome to apply!

When does the TTT meet?

Our core meetings will be on Wednesdays from 12:00-1:00 pm, starting January 31st with our Welcome Event and ending April 17th. Every third meeting of the TTT will be a teaching lab during which participants will practice teaching strategies with their peers.

We will meet throughout the semester, so by applying for the TTT you are committing to attend every meeting to the best of your ability (of course life happens and conflict arises!).

All workshops will be held face-to-face in 102 Fernald Hall. 

Who would benefit from the TTT?

The TTT is designed for new teaching assistants or those who have taught only one semester. It is encouraged that participants be teaching assistants or graduate instructors of record during the 23-24 academic year, but any TA may apply. Because this is a community, participants are asked to attend 80% of the meetings but are encouraged to attend all of them! Enrollment is open only to graduate students. 

Participants in the semester-long community will receive:

  • Foundational knowledge about current topics related to teaching and learning
  • The opportunity to help draft a teaching guide for first-time TAs
  • Increased confidence in your role as a TA
  • Tools and strategies to use in your classroom
  • Help troubleshooting any issues you encounter
  • A network of peers
  • Meal vouchers to the Bear’s Den in the Memorial Union 
  • Eligible TAs will receive a $100 stipend

Potential Topics:

  • Understanding the science behind learning
  • Developing confidence and confronting bias
  • Cultivating an inclusive and equitable learning space
  • Encouraging growth mindset and capacity building
  • Grading strategies and how to measure learning
  • Interpreting and improving from student feedback
  • Reflecting on teaching and learning

How do I apply?

Fill out our application form to be considered for the TTT. Eligible participants will be accepted in the order in which they apply. Space is limited!

How is this different from the Graduate Teaching Academy (GTA)?

The GTA is designed for graduate students later in their careers who are starting to prepare for potential academic jobs, and who may or may not have had experience as a TA (though most participants do). The TTT is tailored for newer teaching assistants and is designed to support you as you progress through your early teaching experiences. It is a natural prerequisite for the GTA in terms of your professional development.