Equity-Fostering Syllabus Working Group

This is a collaborative, faculty-led, practically-oriented community focusing on fostering equity through developing our syllabi and engaging them meaningfully in class. The group will focus not only on “how-to” craft an inclusive/equity-centering syllabus, but how to continue to engage the syllabus throughout the semester toward fostering equity in the classroom and institutionally. Meetings are intended to be conversational and collaborative workshops, with attendees co-facilitating as/if needed, and sharing and discussing syllabus elements, engagement strategies, successes, and conundrums. We will also work with and be informed by literature on critical pedagogies, social justice education, and equity, as these become relevant in the group.

For questions, contact the conveners: Lily Herakova, Communication and Journalism/WGS (liliana.herakova@maine.edu) and Kevin Roberge, Mathematics/WGS (kevin.roberge@maine.edu).

Dates: Fall 2021, the first Wednesday of each month (Sept. 1st, Oct. 6th, Nov. 3rd, and Dec. 1st), 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm; attendance can be either in person at CITL or over Zoom.

Optional additional meetings: Sept. 15th, Oct. 13th, and Nov. 17th

Drop-ins welcome, although we hope to have a regularly interacting and supportive group. REGISTER HERE