UMaine CFRU/CRSF-Affiliated Researchers Receive SFI Conservation Grant

The Sustainable Forestry Initiative Inc. (SFI) recently announced five conservation grants that will advance shared understanding of the conservation benefits associated with well-managed forests across the United States and Canada. These grants feature collaboration between SFI and a diverse range of partners and experts from 45 organizations to advance SFI’s ground breaking Conservation Impact Project.

This year’s grants focus on key natural resource sustainability issues, such as investigating climate resilience and carbon storage, improving water quality and quantity in forests, and enhancing biodiversity. Specific areas of study include caribou, steelhead trout, and boreal bird habitats, forest carbon values, and links between best management practices for water and forest practices. Ultimately, results will help clarify the connection between sustainable forest management, responsible supply chain choices, and environmental benefits we all care about.

2018 SFI Conservation Grant led by UMaine Researchers Josh Puhlick (PI), Marie-Cecile Gruselle (Co-PI), and Ivan Fernandez (Co-PI): Assessing and monitoring the influence of forest management practices on soil productivity, carbon storage and conservation in the Acadian Forest Region