Lab Statement

Our current research centers on computational modeling for simulating complex multiphysics biological processes with the full complexity of the human/animal anatomy for applications including personalized simulation-assisted treatment planning, device development and optimization, bio-inspired design, and basic research. Particular emphases are on passive and active fluid-structure-acoustics interaction, neuromuscular biomechanics, inverse tissue characterization/parameterization, and machine-learning-aided modeling. 


Voice Production and Care

Running speech simulation with muscular control of frequency and adduction.

Laryngeal muscle control

Simulation of Flow-Structure-Acoustic Interaction during human phonation

Simulation of Flow-Structure-Acoustic Interaction in bird syrinx

Biological Locomotion

Wake structure after the caudal fin of a trout fish

Insect Flight - Wake structure around a cicada wing and sound radiation in far field

Fish Swimming - Using hybrid fin-ray structure to capture real kinematics.

Fish Swimming - Active ray control

Biological Flow Sensing

Seal whisker object detection

Cardiovascular Flow